Iain more or less chose our piano for us – we just knew we had to have it when we saw the way his eyes lit up when he found it in the auction showroom. By that point, he had spent over a year accompanying us to auctions, searching for a good second-hand Steinway Model B; in the showroom, he would surreptitiously whip out his screwdriver so he could inspect the inner workings of a prospective instrument. They were usually marred by the sloppy restoration work they’d been subjected to over the years – restoration work that certainly hadn’t been up to Iain’s high, high standards.

After we bought the 1968 model he found for us, he took it to his workshop to begin an extensive top-to-bottom restoration. This is where his dedication to his craft truly shone through. Every little detail received the utmost care and attention, from re-varnishing the soundboard, to restoring the plate bolts’ mirror shine, to the hours and hours he spent adjusting the keys and action to suit my preferences. The months of work he put in demonstrated not just his decades of knowledge and experience, but his true love for the art of piano building.

After the restoration, the finished instrument looked brand new – but it had the playing characteristics of an instrument from one of Steinway’s golden eras. It is probably the best piano I have ever played, and it entirely owes its second life to Iain. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Tristan Jakob-Hoff

Composer and Arranger

To whom it may concern

About two years ago I was asked to evaluate a Steinway ‘B’ which was renovated by Iain Gordon at his workshop. After inspecting the piano I was so impressed by this work that I engaged him to carry out total renovation of my own Steinway ‘D’.

Iain Gordon was trained at Steinways in London and worked there for some years. He is quite simply a first-class piano technician who is completely dedicated to his work.

He rebuilt my piano with enormous expertise and care and his attention to detail and to sound was most impressive. Above all it was his total commitment to delivering a final result of the highest standard.

Furthermore, it was a great pleasure to have him work at the house. He has a very positive approach to life and it is most pleasant and enjoyable to converse with and be with him.

Therefore, I strongly recommend him to whoever may consider having any work done to their piano, for they will be getting outstanding value for money.

Martino Tirimo FRAM, FRSAMD