Iain Gordon who rebuilt my historic 1913 Hamburg Steinway O grand is a master-craftsman who lives for his trade. In a throw away culture where to accept less than the best is promoted by confident marketing and meretricious publicity, Iain is one of the few who practices a craft in which there are no compromises. A piano is as good as its last tuning and maintenance. Iain not only rebuilds and restores with infinite care, but he takes on a good piano as a member of his family. It is a very personal thing, and a source also of personal pride. A relation ensues in which player, craftsman and the music itself sustain each other in the service of art

Clive Bush

Emeritus Professor of American Literature King’s College London

“I am so grateful to you for your superb attention to my pianos, when needed. You have my utmost confidence and trust”.

Norma Fisher-Saipe

Steinway Artist Pianist/Teacher Professor at Royal College of Music

Dear Iain, your extraordinary attention to detail and obvious love for your craft is here in every note of the album.
Your passion is infectious and the quality of your work is an inspiration and just the tonic needed going into a piano session. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
I will return.

Sacha Puttnam


When the ceiling fell in (literally) on my 1900 Steinway, Iain Gordon restored it to a standard I never anticipated. The concern for detail has been very impressive indeed, and the instrument now sounds quite literally sweeter and more cultured than I have ever known it.

Graeme Humphrey

Ex Piano Professor, Royal Academy of Music