Piano Services

My work as Technician

My work as a piano technician includes all aspects of piano servicing, from tuning and check-over, to servicing on site, which can be between one and five days, and full grand piano restoration at the workshop, which is around four to six weeks work.

I am resident technician at London’s Henry Wood Hall where I look after the Steinway concert grand pianos which are used by top pianists and all the major orchestras on a daily basis for recording and rehearsals. The newest Steinway D here No 501630 circa 1986 was brought up to top condition in May’09 with a new Steinway Hamburg action. This piano is proving to be very popular and it’s not unusual for artists to select this piano in preferance to a brand new Steinway. It has been used on many recordings for EMI, Sony, Hyperion and others. It is also available for occasional hire by special arrangement with Henry Wood Hall. I also do regular work at London’s Southbank centre on their fleet of seven Steinway concert grands.

My own particular passion is for Steinway grand pianos, the quality of tone and responsive touch and feel all make for me the ultimate piano. I try to keep a small stock of very carefully selected Steinway grand pianos for sale. Please see the Steinway Piano Sales page.

Re-polishing can also be arranged.