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I hope over the following pages you will get a full insight into the services I can offer.

I am an independent Steinway & Sons trained Piano Tuner/Technician specialising in the servicing, rebuilding, tuning and toning of fine German grand pianos, and with 40years experience you can be assured of the highest levels of craftsmanship. Based in south London I am available for work throughout the UK and internationally. Please contact me if you have a Steinway grand piano for sale, I always have customers who want good Steinway pianos.

My work as Piano Technician

My work as a piano technician includes all aspects of piano servicing, from tuning and check-over, to servicing on site, which can be between one and five days, and full grand piano restoration at the workshop, which is around four to six weeks work. Re-polishing can also be arranged.

I am resident technician at London’s Henry Wood Hall where I look after the Steinway concert grands which are used by visiting artists and all the major orchestras on a daily basis for recordings and rehearsals. The newest Steinway D here No 501630 from 1986 has been used on many recordings for EMI, Sony, Hyperion, Deutsche Grammophon and others. We also have the use of a 1935 Steinway D restored by me which is something a little different from a new piano, a different vintage. I’m also service contract holder at Trinity Laban conservatoire and also worked for twelve years at London’s Southbank Centre backing up and standing in for the contract holder in the preparation of their fleet of Steinway Ds. Concert and recording work consists largely of fine tuning and voicing checks and occasional adjustments to refine regulation. It’s all about keeping the pianos working at their optimum.

I try to keep a small stock of very carefully selected Steinway grand pianos for sale. Please see the Steinway Piano Sales page.

Some of the venues I have worked


Steinway Piano Sales

I try to carry a small stock of very carefully selected serviced and rebuilt Steinway grand pianos for sale. I am always happy to give advice on buying new or used instruments…

Piano Restoration / Servicing

The restoration process is a highly labour intensive operation, and the technical work alone can take around twenty or so days depending on the make of piano and extent of work...
Piano Tuning & Toning

Piano Tuning Toning / Voicing

All pianos require tuning from time to time and for a variety of reasons. Humidity, temperature, usage and general settling all play a part in determining how stable a piano tuning remains...


Steinway’s at Henry Wood Hall

Steinway’s at Henry Wood Hall

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Steinway B

Restoration of a Steinway B

Here are a couple timelapse videos of me stringing a Steinway B from 1969 as part of the restoration process and something we do on ...
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Rebuilt Steinway B For Sale

This beautiful Steinway B in fiddleback mahogany is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples I have ever seen or worked on. A pianist ...
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Steinway D Grand piano

Steinway D at Henry Wood Hall

I first met Benjamin Grosvenor when he was a shy 15 year old and his dream then was to become a concert pianist. Well here ...
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“I am so grateful to you for your superb attention to my pianos, when needed. You have my utmost confidence and trust”.

Norma Fisher-Saipe

Steinway Artist Pianist/Teacher Professor at Royal College of Music

Thank you so much for making my piano sound so wonderful.

I chanced upon your web site and read about voicing etc. I felt a bit out of the ‘Steinway’ league being a novice pianist.

All I can say is that it has been the best money I have ever spent in getting you to voice and service my piano. It now sounds absolutely fabulous and I cannot believe how magnificent it plays (even though I am still a beginner). You have also completely sorted out the sustain issue.

To anyone who has a piano and whatever your level of ability, I would urge you to get Iain to look at it. I cannot describe the enhancement he has given to my piano and everyone who has heard it feels the same. Do not assume, like I did that the new piano you buy is the best it can be.

As you said to me when I expressed such surprise at what you had done in a few hours: ‘Any piano can be made to sound better’.

Thank you again so much and I will see you shortly in a few months when you come to tune it again!

You are a genius!

Kind Regards

Steve Metcalf


“Dear Iain

I believe I have now ascended to what I can only be described as the ‘Bush Plain’. This is a high, fuelled by a potent mixture of wonder, excitement and utter disbelief. I had always imagined Steinways were owned by people with mansions, models and multiple cars of exotic pedigree. Never by ordinary people like myself.

Every so often, I find myself peeking into the dining room just to check that the Steinway is really there. When I sit down to play, I feel like pinching myself. The bass almost growls in the arresting manner of a sports car engine. The richly textured and unique Steinway tone envelopes one in a sound system to end all sound systems. Even scales and arpeggios sound wonderful on this instrument. I have become a child again, once more bewitched and bedazzled by the real and fantasy worlds which combine in a most treasured toy.

My particular Steinway journey began, as you know, in a troubled way. At the Steinway showroom, I fell in love with the model B and yet a new B was financially out of reach. Luckily, I found myself talking to you and you persuaded me to bid for a B at the next auction. As you also know, I was pretty unhappy with the chosen instrument. The action was inconsistent and unreliable, the middle range tone was largely absent and I was loathe to bid for such an expensive item purely on the basis of a telephone relationship. Clive’s words of reassurance were crucial. It was still a shock though, when the hammer fell and the deed was done. I was convinced for many weeks afterwards, that I had made the wrong move. It was extremely helpful to meet you at the next auction and at the Steinway showroom where you were able to explain to me why my piano was ailing and how simple (relatively speaking) it would be to put things right. I am so glad that I kept faith.

Understanding how pivotal the top action and a new set of hammers were to the problems the piano was having meant that the dark tunnel now had some light at the end of it. When you installed the new action last week I knew we were out of the tunnel, even though you had yet to complete the voicing. I now have an instrument that responds accurately and faithfully to my input and in which I now have utter confidence. Any aberrations are now mine and mine alone. It is as good as new. My years in the piano wilderness are over.

So, Iain, your role in this has not really been that of piano technician, though skilled and true has been your craftsmanship. Your role has been to make a dream come true. A dream so large and improbable and so deeply buried that I was unaware that it even existed. I am really fortunate to have met you and I will always remember the impact your efforts have had on my life.

I only hope that I can be as high as the ‘Bushman’ is, and for as long.

Thank you.”

Grahame Merifield