The job you did on my piano was utterly outstanding. It’s a totally different instrument! When you said “I’ve done some tonal work on it” I didn’t expect it to sound quite so amazing.

Many thanks!

Sean Jeffrey

Noble Artist Management

I bought my Steinway A at auction with confidence knowing that Iain had inspected it. With his experience working for Steinway themselves I knew I would be buying a sound piano. Once home he tuned and toned the piano beautifully which confirmed that his expert eye had been exactly right.

Vadim Jean

Film Director

I had always dreamed of owning a Steinway baby grand, but never believed that it would be possible. Iain helped me through every step of the way, from searching all the pianos at the piano auction, finding a perfect Steinway for reconditioning that I would never have spotted and then working with the french polishers to transform it into the most stunning piano. It is beautiful to look at and unbelievable to play. The transformation is amazing. I still pinch myself that it is mine and thank Iain wholeheartedly for his help. I could never have chosen this piano without his help.

Karen Hack


Thank you so much for making my piano sound so wonderful.

I chanced upon your web site and read about voicing etc. I felt a bit out of the ‘Steinway’ league being a novice pianist.

All I can say is that it has been the best money I have ever spent in getting you to voice and service my piano. It now sounds absolutely fabulous and I cannot believe how magnificent it plays (even though I am still a beginner). You have also completely sorted out the sustain issue.

To anyone who has a piano and whatever your level of ability, I would urge you to get Iain to look at it. I cannot describe the enhancement he has given to my piano and everyone who has heard it feels the same. Do not assume, like I did that the new piano you buy is the best it can be.

As you said to me when I expressed such surprise at what you had done in a few hours: ‘Any piano can be made to sound better’.

Thank you again so much and I will see you shortly in a few months when you come to tune it again!

You are a genius!

Kind Regards

Steve Metcalf