Steinway’s at Henry Wood Hall

Steinway’s at Henry Wood Hall

  Early in January 2024 was the first recording session of the year on one of my Steinway’s at Henry Wood Hall for ...
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Steinway B

Restoration of a Steinway B

Here are a couple timelapse videos of me stringing a Steinway B from 1969 as part of the restoration process and something we ...
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Rebuilt Steinway B For Sale

This beautiful Steinway B in fiddleback mahogany is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples I have ever seen or worked on. ...
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Steinway D Grand piano

Steinway D at Henry Wood Hall

I first met Benjamin Grosvenor when he was a shy 15 year old and his dream then was to become a concert pianist. ...
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Trinity Piano Servicing

Summertime is when I complete much of the annual service work at Trinity Laban Conservatoire one of the four big music colleges in ...
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Steinway O Piano

New York Steinway O now ready to go home.

This piano seen in earlier posts has had a standard interior restoration including new Steinway Hamburg action damper felts, damper levers, restrung then ...
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Piano testimonials


As a recognised Steinway trained technician much of my work comes through recommendation so it was nice to receive this testimonial from artist ...
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Steinway voicing servicing

Steinway on road voicing/servicing

  In my day-to-day work, I’m often asked to look at Steinways which have been restored by other companies. Steinway work is best ...
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Grand Piano for sell

Two of my beautiful Steinways

First the D at Henry Wood Hall and the second the stunning Steinway B I have for sale. The D is the first ...
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Steinway O

New York Steinway O

This rebuild is now well underway and will be having all Steinway Hamburg parts including new damper levers which will be great for ...
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