Testimonials – Homepage

Testimonials – Homepage

Testimonial from Henry Wood Hall

Iain Gordon seems to have achieved an unusually high level of accomplishment in the field of piano servicing and voicing. Since fitting a new action to our 25 year old Steinway D it has been used regularly by many of the Worlds finest pianists. The remarks and feedback have been almost 100% positive and to name a few, Andras Schiff loves it, Manny Ax wanted to take it on tour, Murray Perahia sat down to warm up and didn’t get up for 30 minutes, when his rehearsal time was over he stayed in the hall and continued practicing…clear approval!!

As Simon Perry director of Hyperion Records says, it’s unusual to find such a good resident piano in a recording venue and especially one that top artists are happy to use!!

Well done Iain!

Andrew Stevens and Charles Strickland

Managers, Henry Wood Hall

Testimonial from pianist Martin Jones

Iain Gordon has just completed work on my Steinway Model C. For a very reasonable price he replaced the action, upper strings and regulated, toned and overhauled the entire piano. I am so pleased with the result I now think that the piano had never been set up properly!!! Thanks to his meticulously careful work, I now have what feels and sounds like a brand new Steinway. I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Many thanks

Martin Jones

Concert Pianist

Fine grand pianos and Steinway grand pianos in particular are the stuff of dreams. I recently had an ex-student of the Royal College of Music wanting to buy a Steinway grand piano and asked if he could see an example of my work. I put him in touch with the person who wrote me this email and now they have spoken again. Please see the Testimonials page for more.

Dear Iain

Grahame called last night and was on the phone for about half an hour–waxing strong in delirious delight over the you, the Steinway and what you’ve done with it. A man in a trance which is how it should be.
Still he was talking to someone who’s been through it so to speak and I sat and smiled while I recognised all the same emotions. He was too excited to remember to talk about piano stools but if he calls again I’ll let him know of course. In the meantime I’m still absolutely entranced with mine and working hard for Claire’s lesson once a fortnight. Feel I’ve seriously made progress and that’s been inspired of course by the piano. It seems to be able to accommodate the range from Bach to Bartok. It’s been almost 3 months since the last tuning and it’s holding extraordinarily well.

See you soon